The New York Times reviews Extended Vacation

All of the music on “Extended Vacation” (Dead Oceans), out on Tuesday, hews to this duo’s trademark prescriptions: slow development and spooky ambience, rooted in cycles of resonance and decay. For the members of On Fillmore — the bassist Darin Gray, an experimental-music polymath, and the percussionist Glenn Kotche, a member of the rock band Wilco — that’s an ideal as deceptively simple as a Zen koan. The album, evocatively bookended by pieces called “Checking In” and “Clearing Out,” proposes an enveloping journey. Mr. Kotche, chiefly on vibraphone and glockenspiel, joins Mr. Gray in playing melodies of gradual convolution, often against subtle pressures from the outside world. So for instance, “Daydreaming So Early” begins with a drone, accumulates a series of birdcalls by the Brazilian percussionist Dedé Sampaio and eventually succumbs to the encroaching rumble of a drum corps. It all suggests a peculiar update of early-1960s exotica, with a heart of darkness in place of a setting sun.

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